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Orthopaedic Surgical Approaches

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Orthopaedic Surgical Approaches


Dauer:120 min
Preis: CHF 90.00


Dr. Greg Berry and Dr. Rudy Reindl, McGill University, Canada

The content of the double-DVD Orthopaedic Surgical Approaches includes basic and advanced approaches essential to every orthopaedic surgeon's practice. Furthermore, this series provides exceptional instructional material for orthopaedic scrub nurses, physician assistants, and physiotherapists. For each approach, the indications, positioning and protection of the patient, incision guidelines and landmarks related to bony and dissection anatomy, as well as possible surgical extensions are explored.
This textbook will certainly become a must in the library of all orthopaedic surgeons as well as a needed reference for university or community hospital orthopaedic departments.

Content DVD 1: Exposures of the Hip, Femur and Knee
Content DVD 2: Exposures of the Tibia, Ankle and Foot